It's the passion of co-creating means
of living a space that moves us

It is through empathy, rigor and creativity that we address the challenges posed by our clients. We seek to reconcile architecture with other disciplines, in a holistic approach to problems. The projects we materialize, with our daily thinking, contribute consciously to a more inclusive and collaborative world.






Joana Carvalho


Joana Carvalho is a Viana local architect and co-founder of the creative hub DINAMO10. She started this community with the belief that interaction and sharing are key factors for creativity and success. Her internship for the Portuguese Architects Association took her to Olot, Spain for 2 years. After that, she worked as an architect in an ephemeral architecture studio and earned her master’s degree on Ephemeral Architecture in Barcelona. After 4 years in Catalonia she returned to her home town to work as a freelance architect and to create on of the first cowork spaces in Portugal, aiming to scale on impact rather than in size.

Irene Campainha


Irene Campainha, born in Viana do Castelo, is graduated in Architecture at Minho University. In 2016 she received her master´s degree in the field of architectural culture with the dissertation entitled The Appropriated Space Between Things. Currently she works as architec in Joana Carvalho Arquitectura studio and she is project manager of D10 Services, a project that gathers a multidisciplinary team from Dinamo10, working together towards creating, promoting, and delivering value to corporate and public sectors.